Helping Us to Mature Elegantly

“Vy Krásný” means “beautiful” in Czech.

The VK series aims to help you achieve healthy skin,
to allow you to mature more elegantly.
In just the same way as you need to eat every day,
you need to care for your skin, and like the best food,
the best beauty essence is pure and simple, giving you a radiant beauty.

About VK An

All-In-One Beauty Essence Does
the Work of 6 Skincare Products

VK An has the same lamellar structure as your skin, meaning that this all-in-one beauty essence can penetrate right through to the stratum corneum.

As this lamellar structure is perfectly reproduced in our product, it is outstanding in terms of its penetration and moisturizing abilities, and effectively protects your barrier zone.

VK An alone does the work of six different skincare products. You owe it to yourself to try it right away and start to build healthy skin that resists aging. And you can combine it with other products you are already using.

  • As Moisturizer

    Replenishes moisture.

    Your skin contains oil, so just applying water alone will not allow moisture to penetrate into your stratum corneum. As face lotion, VK An replenishes the moisture in your skin, improves its condition, and makes it soft.

  • As Beauty Essence

    Nourishes and enriches.

    VK An enables the essential nutrients that your skin requires to penetrate right into the stratum corneum, nourishing your skin and helping you to mature elegantly.

  • As Skin Cream

    Moisturizes and protects.

    VK An covers the skin to prevent moisturizing agents, beauty ingredients and moisture that have penetrated to the stratum corneum from evaporating, preventing dehydration and dryness.

  • As Massage Cream

    Reduces irritation from friction.

    VK An acts as a lubricant when massaging your face with the palms of your hands.

  • As Foundation Primer

    Covers your skin – beautifully.

    Keeps your skin looking beautiful, covering the surface of your skin with a strong lamellar barrier and protecting your skin from any potential irritation from your foundation.

  • As Face Mask

    Effective, concentrated beauty care.

    Cover your face with VK An and a face mask when you’re in the bath or after you’ve washed your face. VK An effectively penetrates and moisturizes even within a short period of time.

What is Lamellar Structure?

On the outside of our skin is a layer only 0.02mm thick called the stratum corneum. This plays an important role in protecting the skin from external irritation and prevents moisture from evaporating (stops your skin from drying out).

If we take a closer look at the stratum corneum we can see lipids called intracellular lipids sandwiched between the cells of the stratum corneum (corneocytes).

Layers of lipid molecules and layers of water molecules lay on top of each other between the corneocytes, forming an orderly structure like a fine French pie pastry, and supporting the function of the stratum corneum. This structure is what is called a “lamellar structure.”

If this lamellar structure is broken, then the moisture and nutrients in the stratum corneum evaporate, meaning that the skin’s turnover no longer occurs normally, leading to dry skin, wrinkles and blemishes.
Furthermore, UV can also penetrate and induce the production of melanin, which can cause blotches.

It also means that bacteria, pollen and PM2.5 can adhere to the skin, causing the body’s immune defense system to react, which can lead to redness, itching and inflammation.

To put it simply, the skin’s barrier function is maintained through this lamellar structure.

A cosmetic that does not have a lamellar structure has oil containing beauty ingredients in water, and because the moisture is exposed, most of the beauty ingredients quickly evaporate together with the water without penetrating when applied to the skin. It also means that external irritation, such as UV, can penetrate right into the skin.

With VK An’s lamellar structure, water, oil and beauty ingredients are securely held in layers, meaning that it clings to the skin without evaporating, enabling beauty ingredients to penetrate slowly right into the stratum corneum. This is ideal, because if your skin is in good condition, then it can effectively protect you from external irritation, such as UV.

For any generation …
All-in-One Beauty Essence VK An

  • 1Reduces Skin Irritation

    After you wash your face the skin can be very unstable.
    The golden rule for beautiful skin is to reduce the number of times you touch the skin. With our all-in-one product you can condition your skin while minimizing exposure to stimuli.

  • 2Gently nurturing your skin

    When using separate skin lotions, creams, and essences, your skin is exposed to a wide variety of chemical components, which can lead to skin damage. This is not a concern when using our all-in-one product.

  • 3Select Beauty Ingredients and Technology

    One of the weaknesses of conventional all-in-one cosmetics is that they always seem to be missing something. The lamellar structure of our carefully formulated beautycare ingredients enables them to penetrate and moisturize your skin deep into the stratum corneum.

  • 4Because You’re Busy

    We especially want women who are busy with work and raising children to be able to shorten their skin care routine by using all-in-one cosmetics. The great appeal of all-in-one cosmetics is that they support all women striving to maintain their beauty, even when they are busy.

  • 5Easy Skincare

    Our all-in-one products also boast good cost-performance.

  • 6Loved by Professionals

    This product is used by people in the beauty industry, such as estheticians and makeup artists, who have very high standards with regard to skin care.

  • Rice bran and soybean extract are fermented using Bacillus natto. This plant-derived beauty ingredient is said to be equally as good as placenta [in terms of its anti-wrinkle action and skin rejuvenation properties].

  • Suppresses active oxygen in the skin, which is a cause of aging. Fullerenes are gaining much attention in the beauty industry due to their strong anti-oxidative effect and low irritation.

  • Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is a type of protein that living things naturally have that promotes the growth of the skin and adjusts its functions. It also regulates the skin’s turnover to maintain it in a normal state.

  • AC-11 (Uncaria tomentosa extract) is derived from a plant that is indigenous to South America. It reduces the damage to the skin from UV rays and helps create beautiful skin to give you a radiant complexion.

  • Dissolves easily in water, is highly moisturizing, and creates a sense of hydration on the skin. It gently increases moisture in the stratum corneum while forming a protective film that makes the skin feel supple and moist.

  • This extract is obtained through the distillation of petals from the precious rose Centifolia. This all-purpose extract has an anti-oxidative action that effectively protects the skin from UV rays , has a soothing effect on sunburn, and is compatible with all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin.

The VK An Difference

We treat it like food because it enters the body through the skin.

In the same way as we think about our health and appearance when selecting the food we eat, we carefully select safe ingredients for use in our products for your peace of mind.

  • No fragrances
  • No artificial colors
  • No mineral oil
  • No parabens
  • No petroleum-based surfactants

We pay special attention to our containers.

Our airless bottle has a unique mechanism in which a piston inside the bottle comes up as you pump, pushing out a small amount of liquid.

Unlike ordinary bottles that have a tube inside, this airless bottle prevents air from entering the bottle, which means that the contents of the bottle have no contact with the air and will not be contaminated with germs.

This airless bottle also makes it possible to keep your precious beauty essence fresh, right down to the very last drop.

Not evaluated by medical or government institutions.

Using VK An

After washing your face, VK An will give you the supple and radiant complexion of a mature adult.

  • As a moisturizer/beauty essence it replenish nutrients and moisturizes.

    Take 4–6 pushes onto your hand and spread the essence all over your face while warming the essence with your hands.

  • As a milky-lotion/facial cream it moisturizes and protects.

    Take 2–3 more pushes and apply wherever you feel you need some extra care.

    • Allow it to soak in until you feel like your face is totally covered.
    • If you wait for a while, you will start to feel like your skin is moisturized.
  • If you want to care for your neck and the area below.

    Take some essence and spread it gently all over your neck from the jawline to the area of the collarbone. This will help you to maintain a nice sharp neckline.

You can combine it with other products you are already using.

  • The contents (100 ml) should last for approximately 60 days.
  • This will vary from person to person according to the condition of the skin and the extent of the area to which it is applied.

VK An – Loved by People Throughout Japan

Makeup ArtistMAIKO様


President of Sweeteat Co., Ltd.松尾智子様


Owner of EveTrico, Facial Salon Specializing in Sagging渡辺美砂絵先生


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Vy Krásnýシリーズ第4弾の「Sara」は、






代表取締役 中野由美子


会社名 株式会社プレジール
代表者名 中野由美子
設立 2016年10月27日
資本金 3,000,000円
事務所所在地 〒421-0103 静岡県静岡市駿河区丸子5384
電話番号 054-204-5100


2000年6月 リラクゼーションサロン「sara2」開業。
2010年6月 オールインワン美容液「B-ion BEAUTE」 発売
2015年6月 最新「ラメラ構造」技術を商品に取り入れる。
商品名改め 「Vy Krásný(ヴィ・クラスニー)」 発売
2015年11月 商標登録 第5808647号取得
2016年10月 株式会社プレジール 設立
2017年5月 Vy Krásnýシリーズ第1弾 
オールインワン美容液「Vy Krásný an(ヴィ・クラスニー アン)」リニューアル発売
2017年8月 Vy Krásnýシリーズ第2弾 
炭酸美容 バブリングジェル「Vy Krásný Bee(ヴィ・クラスニー ビー)」発売
2018年7月 Vy Krásnýシリーズ第3弾 
米糠と大豆の発酵原料入りドリンク「Vy Krásný one(ヴィ・クラスニー ワン)」発売
2018年9月 実店舗『フェイシャルカウンセリングサロン you美24』オープン
2019年4月 Vy Krásnýシリーズ第4弾
ハラール認証オールインワン美容液 「Vy Krásný sara(ヴィ・クラスニーサラ)」発売
2020年1月 東京国際化粧品展(COSME TOKYO)
「Vy Krásný sara(ヴィ・クラスニーサラ)」出店

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